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How to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

Working from home has been quite an adjustment for many people, but it can be especially challenging for those seeking new employment opportunities. While finding a job that fulfills your ideal work situation can be difficult, making it past the interview process is the biggest hurdle for most. Just like interviewing in person, it takes the right strategy and techniques to impress a potential employer into letting you onboard. Here are some of the best ways you can conduct your virtual interview for success.

Create an Ideal Virtual Environment

Your home office should reflect the nuance of any professional corporate environment that would be acceptable for a meeting situation. That includes choosing a space free from background noise and that is well-lit. Making sure your internet and phone connection are working without disruption is also vital. Any software used in the process should be practiced beforehand, taking account for any requirements and browser adaptations. Lastly, don’t stumble into a situation in which you need to download an add-on 5 minutes before an interview. This would reflect poorly and show a lack of preparedness. As an additional step, create a backup plan in case of malfunction of any part of technology.

Be Ready to Play the Part

Just like participating in an in-person interview, make sure you are making the most professional impression possible. Preparing a pre-interview checklist is greatly advised. Set a certain amount of time allotted for rehearsal of conversation, or questions that you may want to ask or plan on receiving. Look presentable in proper attire. A suit may not be necessary, but make sure to avoid clothing that reflects a non-professional attitude like logo t-shirts or anything that would be deemed inappropriate for the corporate environment. Having an upbeat attitude is also key to making a good impression on your interviewer. Make sure they see you as enthusiastic about the job prospect and happy to be in the interview process.

Having a Connection is Important as Ever

Interpersonal communication is a deciding factor for who is successful in an interview and who is not. Maintaining eye contact is challenging online. However, focusing on the camera is preferable to glancing off regularly (even if it is for notes). While sharing about yourself, do not be afraid to mention topics that you are passionate about, even if they are not directly related to the position. This could lead to a positive reception with the interviewer and yourself and help build a connection between you. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile. Nothing communicates a positive mood like brandishing a beaming smile on camera.

Being put through the interview process can be a stressful ordeal, but by following techniques like being prepared and maintaining proper communicative behavior, you can ace your next virtual interview and be on your way to a career opportunity that could change your life forever.

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