1. Interview Preparation – Candidates

GIS Candidate Interview Preparation Packet 2022 (here)

This document provides insight into the interview process and different styles of questioning, including what interviewers are really asking and looking for in the questions they ask. This document also provides formats and ideas for documents you should bring into an interview so you are as prepared as possible.

2. Engaging in a phone or video interview?

How to Thrive in a Phone Interview (here)

This document provides helpful tips, tricks, and questions to ask when your interview is over the phone.

Video Interview Preparation (here)

3.  Interview Preparation – Clients

Interviewing Do’s and Dont’s (here)
EA Interview Questions (here)

4. EA Salary Survey

GIS 2022 Salary Survey (here)

This document is a great tool to assess how competitive your offer is and see how it compares to market trends. We have compiled this information from Executive Assistants in San Francisco and the Peninsula in both the technology and finance industries in 2018.