Our Specialties

We are retained by high profile CEOs, private philanthropists and venture capital investors to identify and recruit the top 1% of C-level support in the Bay Area and beyond.   We are an executive search firm with a very focused specialty.  The majority of our clients are confidential due to their visibility in the market.


Our Satisfied Clients



'Angelica was one of our very top recruiters in San Francisco. She was a joy to work with and always had a wonderful attitude. You could tell she really enjoyed and cared about what she was doing.'

Stacy Nelson, Executive Recruiter



'I've worked with Alexa both to place new hires and find new opportunities for myself in the last several years. She has terrific instincts about people and organizations, and was able to help us hire individuals who were essential to our development. I cannot recommend Alexa more highly.'

Lena Leson, HR/Operations Manager at Quid



'Many things can be said about Waseem's dedication to and passion for recruiting. My experience with Waseem was that he wasn't interested in finding me a job; he wanted to find me a career and a place to belong. His focus on not only finding me a strong company to be an employee of but putting me with managers that he knew would align with my style. He can find you a job if that's what you want but I think Waseem's true passion and skill is in putting the right hiring managers together with the right employees.'

Zachariah Everhart, Financial Crimes Risk Management Guru



'Angelica is wonderful to work with. I have hired many candidates from Groupe Insearch who have added real value to our team.'

Sue Ann Curley, Manager at TCV



'I've worked with Alexa over the last three years to make literally every placement for our Office Manager positions. In addition to having an extensive network of really qualified people, she has uncanny taste in finding the right cultural fit for us and all under really tight timeframes. I couldn't imagine working with anyone better.'

Eric Gutoski, Senior Vice President, Americas at Tacit Knowledge



"I had the pleasure of working with Rachel, who helped me go from unemployed to working at a fantastic company in a perfect position in a matter of weeks."

Alexis B., Candidate



"Working with Groupe Insearch has been a dream. They kept me realistic, but never once shot down my goals. It's easy to trust them to represent you well because they genuinely want to find a good fit-for both you and their client. You can sense this from the first time you meet them all the way to when they send you flowers during your first week on the job! I can't wait to refer my friends to GI. I moved to San Francisco and landed a perfect job within 2 months of working with Angelica and Emily- and I am positive it wouldn't have happened without them!" Monica G.,Candidate



" Angelica has been a pivotal player in my professional success. Groupe Insearch supported my job search and constructively made me an overall better candidate! Bottom line, they're awesome and you're in great hands!" Alexasia S., Candidate



I will recommend Olivia to anyone that I know who is looking for an Executive Assistant role or any of the roles that Group Insearch recruits for. I was incredibly impressed with her throughout the entire process, but also impressed with the clientele that Group Insearch has access to and works with. The result of this job search with Group Insearch has far exceeded any of my expectations. I know that without Group Insearch I would have never had access to, or even knowledge of the organization that I am going to now work with." Adriana B., Candidate


Our members

As members of the Bay Area’s leading search firm, we at Groupe Insearch are firm believers that a strong internal team is paramount to a company’s success. Since 1998, our primary objective has been to serve our clients with first-class personalized service, consistent quality, and the very highest level of integrity. With this philosophy, it comes as no surprise that some of the most sought after C-level executives hire us to scout out the crème de la crème of executive support staff. Conveniently located in the heart of SOMA, Groupe Insearch is easily accessible to clients and candidates from all over the Bay Area.

President and CEO

Angelica Rains

Founder and CEO

Alexa Gulliford

Senior Partner

Claire Gerlach

Office Manager

Meg Minder

Executive Search Consultant, Temp & Contracts

Monica Richgels

Executive Search Consultant

Grace Fowler

Executive Search Consultant, Temp & Contracts

Bruna Cunha

Executive Search Consultant

Genae Gonzales

Project Manager

Susan Murphy

Executive Search Consultant

Mckynna Karolyi

Project Associate

Teagan Fail

Project Associate

Lori Davis

Business Development Manager

“We believe that a company’s staff is the most important component to its success.”

Work with Passion

Passion is the heart of what we do. We work with a joyful dedication and strive for excellence. 

Service Heart

We believe in a true service mentality. Our clients come first and always receive our best.

We Are Specialists

We empower our clients and candidates with our specialized knowledge of the evolving market.

Be Real

We show up in a direct, thoughtful and transparent way.

Personal Development

We continually strive to learn and grow, as recruitment specialists and as members of our global community.


Come join our growing team!

What’s it like to work at Groupe Insearch?

A career with Groupe Insearch means that not only are you working with the Bay Area’s leading search firm, you are working alongside a dynamic, forward-thinking team of leaders with a collective mindset toward growth. Additionally, you are receiving a competitive base salary while working in one of the hottest cities in the country — San Francisco!

We at Groupe Insearch are firm believers that success comes by virtue of a good work ethic, teamwork and, most importantly, a positive mindset. Together we’ve managed to build a positive company culture while delivering a concierge-style customer experience to our clients. Together as a team, we embrace each challenge that comes along, we work hard, and we also remember to have a good laugh from time to time. We love what we do here, and we enjoy working with people who are excited about coming to work every day. If you think that you’re a good match for our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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