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Why the Best Leaders Ask Great Questions

A common perception among those in charge is that asking questions can be perceived as a sign of weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The true markings of a leader are shown by asking questions to gain further knowledge and using that knowledge in problem-solving. There are many advantages of asking powerful questions, whether it be to improve understanding between you and your team or for team problem-solving and building bonds with each other. Below are some reasons why the best leaders ask great questions.

Increase Insight

Questions not only provide insight into situations that may arise but also paint a picture of how your way of thinking works, giving an opportunity for other team members to understand your leadership strategy and implement it on future tasks. This also in turn provides them a blueprint to solve problems on their own without your involvement, saving your time for other areas of work that may require attention.

Provide Inspiration

By incorporating an emotional element with the questions that you ask, you allow others to examine themselves and help them grow as individuals. This not only builds your status as someone to follow, but also builds their loyalty as they see you as someone who challenges them to grow into a better team member and keeps them enthusiastic about work. Furthermore, by asking questions you are also giving your team the chance to develop their own problem-solving skills. Eventually, asking questions will become a part of your team culture, and team members will adopt a solution-oriented mindset instead of stopping at the problem.

Become a Better Listener

Sometimes when you are always the one dictating tasks, you can forget to pay attention to other thoughts and opinions. One way to ensure a good rapport with others is to ask open-ended questions that require answers other than just “yes” or “no”. This technique lets you become a better listener in addition to fostering ideas that are creative, unique, and open to constructive criticism.

Being a leader doesn’t always mean that you’re the one with all the answers. By engaging with others in the form of asking powerful questions, you gain insight into their thinking, provide inspiration to be more inquisitive and solution-oriented, and become a better listener in the process. Next time you are in a leadership meeting, remember that you can help yourself and your team achieve by asking the right questions.


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