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Tips to Stay Organized Even When You are Busier Than Ever

Do you have trouble staying organized? You’re not the only one. Executive Assistants, Chiefs of Staff, and Office Managers have busy schedules, and the work can often become overwhelming. These tips will help you stay organized even when you are your busiest.

Keep Things Minimal

Whether it’s your desk or your email inboxes, cleaning is always harder if you have a lot of stuff. When it comes to emails, delete those you know you don’t need and archive those you aren’t sure about. Decluttering your desk can also make your work feel much more manageable. It’s important to discard mail, documents, and other paperwork you don’t need before it piles up and becomes overwhelming. Having a shredder nearby can make this task easier since you will have a secure way to get rid of paperwork you no longer need.

Create an Organized System for Notes and Lists

Having sticky notes and random lists all over your office makes it hard to keep track of important reminders. It is a good idea to explore digital options such as G-Suite so you can keep all your notes and lists in one place that is easily accessible. If you prefer paper, try using folders or sleeved organizers. They are easier to keep organized than stacks or bulletin boards.

Prioritize Tasks

Making lists of the task you need to complete can help you stay more organized. However, you should consider how important each task is. Lists aren’t useful if they are too ambitious. Consider what tasks you can delegate to other people and what tasks aren’t worth doing at all. In some cases, you may have a task that stays on your list week after week. Maybe it’s more of a long-term goal than a task. If it becomes clear that it’s a task you’re never going to accomplish, remove it from your to-do list.

Schedule Time for Cleaning

If you schedule time for cleaning on your calendar, you are more likely to get it done. If you devote a half hour each week to cleaning your office, you can prevent the space from ever becoming so disorderly it feels unmanageable. You might also want to schedule a day each month for a larger clean out. Time spent organizing isn’t wasted time because it will allow you work more efficiently, saving you time in the long run.

Organization is a critical skill for professionals in C-Level support, though it can seem impossible to stay organized if your schedule is always jam packed. You can improve your organization by prioritizing tasks, scheduling time for cleaning on your calendar, moving towards a paperless system, and keeping your work environment minimal.

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