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How to Increase LGBTQ Inclusivity in the Workplace

With the recent historic Supreme Court ruling that protects LGBTQ members in the workplace, many companies are reexamining LGBTQ inclusivity. Many strides have been made in recent years in improving the experience of LGBTQ individuals employed in C-level support, but there is still more work that needs to be done to create an environment where everyone feels safe and accepted. Below are some ways you can increase LGBTQ inclusivity in the workplace.

Remove Bias from Hiring Practices

Even the most open-minded employers often have unconscious biases. If you can make sure the language you use in job descriptions, interview questions, etc. are neutral in regard to sexual orientation, you will not only attract more LGBTQ candidates, you will make your employees feel more accepted as well. It is also a good idea to highlight inclusivity as a value in your mission statement and throughout your hiring process.

Take a Serious Approach to LGBTQ Discrimination

You should issue a clear anti-discrimination policy for sexual orientation and gender identity. This policy should address hiring practices, promotion practices, and the day-to-day work experience. The policy should also communicate that bullying based on orientation is unacceptable and detail the repercussions for LGBTQ harassment and discrimination. Employees in the LGBTQ community need to know that they have the support of management behind them and that the company wants them to feel safe and accepted.

Consider the LGBTQ Community in Developing Benefits

Company benefits often unintentionally exclude LGBTQ. As a company, make sure that members of the LGBTQ community have the same rights as other employees, including parental leave and adoption leave. As with job descriptions, the language used in talking about benefits should be neutral in terms of both gender and orientation.

It is important to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and equal. Fair hiring practices, LGBTQ safe spaces, and a clear anti-discrimination stance can help everyone on your team to feel welcomed.


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