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Navigating the C-Suite as a Mom

Although having a child happens to both parents, mothers still take on more work at home than their counterparts. That hasn’t stopped moms from making an impact in the C-Suite. The number of women in senior management roles continues to grow globally, leaving many moms searching for a perfect balance between their personal and professional responsibilities. According to many current executive mothers, an ideal balance is impossible, but you can still be successful at both. Here is some advice for navigating the C-Suite as a working mother.

Recruit Top C-Level Support

Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. Start by raising your business and relationship standards. Don’t underestimate the power of recruiting positive, forward-moving executive assistants, either. Even though there might not be an ideal work-life balance, it will get better if you are comfortable enough to delegate critical tasks to other people on your team. The return on investment from hiring a skilled assistant is substantial, too. Top C-Level support can save you well over five hours per workweek completing administrative tasks ranging from information flow to attending meetings on your behalf. Disruption is inevitable in the corporate world, but it can be reduced by recruiting a strong, trusted team of employees, along with a support network of friends, family, and colleagues.

Define Your Priorities

Define your priorities and where you are willing to compromise. We’re not saying that anyone should sacrifice one passion for another. Rather work-life balance is making compromises as priorities change. Balancing a leadership role with motherhood can be difficult. Working C-Suite mothers face significant challenges, including little paid time off after giving birth, difficulty finding quality childcare, and juggling responsibilities when working from home. Finally, don’t hesitate to discuss your career/family goals with the leadership of your company. It could open the door to flexible work arrangements like more vacation time, increased remote work, and other accommodations.

Leverage Technology

Mobile technology is helping C-Suite moms to be in two places at the same time. Standard video conferencing has advanced to telepresence technology, enabling people to attend meetings virtually and give presentations without traveling extensively. However, video conferencing alone may not be enough of a consideration. Also, keep in mind the timings of meetings and asynchronous options.

Motherhood should always be viewed as a strength. Accept that there will be some chaos that goes with balancing business leadership and being a parent. C-Suite moms can still be successful by recruiting great personal assistants, leveraging technology, and setting achievable goals.


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