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4 Cliches about Leadership to Avoid

There are many clichés about leadership. Often when advice and buzzwords become overused it’s because they come from a place of wisdom, but this isn’t always the case. Here are 4 cliches about leadership you should avoid.

All Opinions Count

The idea of a democracy makes us all feel good. It is nice to think that ever employee has a voice that should be heard. The reality is a company is not a government. You cannot consult all your employees whenever a decision needs to be made. This creates inefficiency and disorganization. Sometimes you will need to make quick decisions that might even step on other people’s toes. Ultimately, you have to if you want the company to grow.

There’s No “I” in Team

This saying has been used ad nauseam. There is no denying that teamwork is essential for a successful workplace. Yet every member of a team is also an individual, which needs to be recognized. Encourage cooperation and collaboration, but not to the point that the people just become cogs in a machine. There needs to be a balance.

The Customer Is Always Right

You want your clients to be happy, of course. But you also need your employees to be happy. Even more importantly, you need their trust and respect. If you consistently take the side of your customers over the side of your employees, they will start to feel like you do not trust or value them. Sometimes the customer is right and sometimes they are wrong. Assess the situation and be honest about it.

Don’t Come with a Problem Unless You have a Solution

This cliché can be tricky. While having a team that can problem solve is ideal, not every problem has an easy solution. Shutting down employees when they have problems does not always encourage accountability. Instead, it can discourage them from speaking up. You want the team to come together to solve problems. They can’t do so if the individual employees are afraid to speak up.

You’ve probably heard these four clichés more times than you can count. They come up often in the workplace. Take clichés with a grain of salt. They’re not all without merit, but you are better off avoiding them.


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