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Remote Onboarding Tips to Ensure Success

Having a strategic onboarding process is the best way to ensure the success of new hires. With many jobs in C-level support transitioning to be remote, the onboarding process isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. These tips will help you deliver a personal and welcoming onboarding experience to remote employees.

Deliver Essentials Quickly

Remote work is driven by technology. Make sure your remote workers have all the devices and accessories they need before they start their first day. Check that they have manuals and set up instructions ahead of time. Everything should be ready for them to go so they can jump straight into their work. If new employees have to spend day one setting up equipment or waiting around for tech to arrive, they are likely to lose some confidence in their employer. At many companies, IT departments are swamped right now. It’s a good idea to have video tutorials for tech set up and troubleshooting.

Host a Meeting to Welcome New Employees

New hires need to feel like they are connected to the company from the beginning, which can be challenging when they work alone. Remote workers still want to feel like they are a part of a team, so it is important for them to meet all of their coworkers and managers early on. Schedule a meeting where the team can introduce themselves to the new employee and welcome them into the fold. A welcome meeting is a good opportunity for new hires to learn about their colleagues and find people who share some of their professional and personal interests. Make the onboarding as interactive and socially engaging as possible.

Provide New Hires with Company Swag

A good way to welcome remote workers to the team is to send them a package with company merchandise. You could send them a coffee cup and sweatshirt with the organization’s logo on it, for example. Swag like this will help them feel like a valued member of the team and even seconds as free brand marketing for the company. You can also send more personalized welcome gifts like a mousepad with the name of the employee on it. Even sending a letter or email to them about how excited you are to have them on your team can help hires feel more welcome as they start their new

As more executive support roles switch to work-from-home, organizations have to rethink their approach to onboarding. Remote workers won’t have the face-to-face interactions they would otherwise have. You have to be proactive in finding ways for new hires to connect with their colleagues, and ensure the reliability and usability of technology from the start.


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