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Career Advancement: Why Should You Take a Recruiter’s Call?

By August 7, 2019August 23rd, 2019Career Guidance

Many people reject calls from recruiters because they are unaware of the many advantages of working with them rather than job hunting alone. Even for those not seeking a new job, search consultants can open the door to exclusive opportunities that others don’t have access to. Taking the time to speak with a recruiter could result in an unexpected career advancement. Below are some of the excellent reasons to work with a search consultant.

Recruiters Have an Expansive Network

Niche recruiters are extremely well connected. They have exclusive, confidential access to some of the most desirable jobs in the field of executive support. High profile executives frequently work with search consultants, which means that the jobs are not advertised or accessible to the average person looking for employment. In addition, working with a recruiter is particularly important in high profile executive support because of the specialized skills and experience required.

You’ll Learn Valuable Insights about Your Marketability

Well-connected recruiters have worked with hundreds of candidates, so they can help job seekers assess their skills, compare to the competition, and have an informed idea of appropriate compensation. For those who are already employed, recruiters can introduce them to opportunities for career growth, gauge salary based on current rates, or find a better fit. Regardless of employment status, search consultants can give a better view of their function and market value.

Everyone Benefits from Career Consultation

It’s beneficial to get advice from an expert, whether happily employed or looking for a job. Niche recruiters have more data about that career than anyone else. They understand what function those in executive support provide to an organization, their value in terms of compensation, professional potential, and the marketplace as a whole. They can help negotiate a raise or a promotion or find a company that’s the ideal fit. Whether someone is happily employed or not, speaking with a recruiter is a wise choice.

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