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Biggest Interview Mistakes

By March 6, 2015Uncategorized

Attention candidates, your career and future is on the line. Everything you do when it comes to the process of being evaluated for a job, is representative of your candidacy.

Here are our most noted 10 biggest interview mistakes ever:

1. Arriving late. Arriving ten minutes prior to your scheduled interview time is actually being on time. This will not only make a good first impression, but also allow for a few minutes to collect your thoughts about your goals and desired outcomes.

2. Underdressing. Your appearance will leave an everlasting stamp on the interviewee’s mind, something to think carefully about during garment selection process: appropriateness, cleanliness and coordination will take you far.

3. Being ill prepared. Keeping in mind you are one of, at minimum, 3 to dozens of potential candidates is always a good idea. Use your knowledge to shine.

4. Giving off the wrong verbal or visual cues. Look your interviewer in the eye. Be specific and try not to ramble. Stand-up to greet them with a firm handshake and a sincere smile.

5. Slouching. Your body language truly does shape who you are. Be open with your posture, sit straight with your hands at your side or in your lap. ‘Your body language shapes who you are‘.

6. Butchering names. Whether interviewee or company, please be certain to get the name and proper pronunciation correct during your meeting. Always greet the interviewer with a smile, a firm handshake, and direct eye contact and proper pronunciation of their name and company to show that you care.

7. Rambling. If you feel you have answered the question, stop, smile at the interviewer and await the next question. Listen to the questions and give examples to back up your answers to the questions provided. No more, no less. Positioning yourself in the best light possible is your ultimate goal here.

8. Criticizing previous employers. Learn to fail forward and learn always turn every experience into a learning opportunity. This will help you not only in interviews, but also in life.

9. Lying. Whether about your skills, time at a place or subject matter expertise, your fibs will always come out sooner or later. This is particularly important when it comes to experience, it’s best just to keep your subject matter straight to avoid more awkward situation in the future and by staying open to learning.

10. Getting too comfortable. Yes, acting as if is definitely a technique that has proven to show enthusiasm and valor, but not vulgarity. Always remember this is potential place of work, all jokes about off-subject matter, family affairs and overzealous name-dropping will be a turn off for your prospective employer. As Steve Jobs put it “Stay hungry, stay humble.”

If you have any detrimental interview mistakes to add, please leave them in comments or share your stories with us, we always want to hear the latest!