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Acing the Interview Game

Before the Interview

Do your market research. Review the company website and review the position specifics. The more you know about the company and the position, the better you can customize your answers and attributes.

Research the company and gather as much information on whom you will be speaking with and what their role is. Listen to their questions and make your answers relevant and succinct. Remember you have to keep them interested! Take a look at where they’ve worked, gone to school or interests that they display on their public profiles. We highly recommend checking out their Twitter feed to get an idea of what they talk about.

During the Interview

Create rapport. This means using eye contact, smiling and showing enthusiasm. The biggest criticism we hear from hiring managers is that applicants do not show enough enthusiasm for the position. Asking questions about the company and the position is a great way to show interest and to work through nervousness. Smile and listen to the answers; they will help you later!

Tailor your responses to questions by speaking in terms of the specific position. Emphasize how your qualities will benefit the company. Emphasize how your qualities will benefit the company.

Ask your recruiter for information about the person(s) you will be interviewing with as well as the person(s) with whom you will be working with.

After the Interview

Be positive, enthusiastic and energetic about the new opportunity. Enthusiasm is infectious and employers like to hire candidates with energy and a good attitude to do the job.

Send a thank you note via email as soon as possible.