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Executive Interviewing

Executive Interview Tips To Help You Shine

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Before preparing for an executive-level interview, it’s always a good idea to think about how it will be different from interviewing for an entry-level position. First, the questions will add another degree of difficulty because hiring managers determine your potential in the post.

Next, if you want to shine, you have to communicate your leadership skills, ability to implement change and cultural fit to the organization. Use these tips to prepare for job interviews.

Executive Interview Tip #1: Conduct Research

Some basic interviewing rules can still be applied, like dressing the part and researching the company. Competence and confidence are crucial to making a positive impression at these high-stake interviews. And the more research that you do in advance, the more confident and competent you will be.

Look at its website, press releases, and social media accounts to learn about its history, leaders, and other trends. Researching can also help you learn about the background of those people interviewing you and discover any standard connections that can help you stand out.

#2: Practice Difficult Questions

Since executive-level interview questions are more geared toward determining your ability to lead teams, preparing for some more challenging questions is essential. The odds are good that you will be asked some variation of these questions:

  • What is your leadership style?
  • How would you encourage an unmotivated team?
  • What is something that you would change about this company?
  • What is the most challenging part of being an executive?
  • What are some of your weaknesses?
  • How do you create and improve core competencies?
  • How do you conduct employee evaluations?
  • Why are you the strongest candidate for this position?

Create an engaging story and provide specific examples for each question highlighting your management style and strategic vision. This will help give the interviewer insight into your thought process, attitude and priorities.

#3: Ask Insightful Questions

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate your knowledge about an organization and interest in the job is by asking thoughtful questions. Don’t hesitate to ask why the position is available and how they measure success to confirm it’s a good match for you too. Then, inquire about the most significant issues that the organization is currently facing.

The key takeaway is that the hiring process will be more intense for highly compensated roles like these. Executive interview tips we listed here can aid you in overcoming potential challenges so you can show you are the most confident, competent candidate on the market.

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Stand Out From The Crowd!

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The biggest part in life in suiting up and showing up, or at least that’s what mom used to say. Yes, this is mostly true when it comes to job interviews too, although there are a few more details that may be necessary to win.  Since you are competing with hundreds potentially thousands of applicants that want the same job, what will make you stand out from the crowd may be your positioning or personal branding.

First impressions are everything.

For both women and men, be sure your outfit represents poise, sophistication and prestige.  A suit or a blouse and a sharp skirt or pants are the best bet as wardrobe selection. For men, a suit is an absolute must when applying for corporate minded roles paired with a tie. You will also want to make sure your clothing is clean with no heavy perfumes or cologne, and ladies keep your makeup light, professional and hair conservatively styled.

Second, be prepared to describe your top three assets in terms of skills, traits and abilities.

Keeping your most successful professional achievement in mind is also a good idea. Employers want you to be able to tell a story of what you did, what worked well in your past, how you got here and with what skills to help you do the job you are applying for. Remember, ability to upsell your strengths is not only part of a good interview, they are an absolute requirement and demonstration of your communication and people skills.

Third and probably most pivotal element of evaluation is your online persona.

Everything you have about you online is an extension of your professional brand and you want to keep this top of mind.  Be sure your LinekdIn profile matches your resume. Clean up your social media channels. Employers often if not always review your online properties. One of the most common ways to check the transparency of an individual’s mark on the world is to check how they come up in Google.  In addition to evaluating what you have to offer and your professional ranks, you are also being evaluated on your extracurricular activities across the board. So your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are but a beginning if you are active in the online stratosphere. Your writing, photography tastes, and networks you join are an indication of your character and your life preferences.

We always welcome your feedback on the above and please keep our suggestions in mind when applying for job as requirements. Our ultimate goal is to find a match between qualified candidates and open positions and we want to make sure that these little nuances don’t get in the way of you finding a position of your dreams.