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Executive Personal Assistant



Job ID: EB-1983015444

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Executive Personal Assistant to CEO


We are looking for a Personal Executive Assistant to perform all personal and administrative tasks for the Chairman/CEO. This critical role will work directly with the Chairman/CEO to support all aspects of his daily life, with a very significant portion of time being spent on personal matters. This is a full-time opportunity, and you will be based out of the Newport Beach office.

This Personal Executive Assistant must be an exceptionally strong self-starter who takes significant initiative, doesn’t need much direction and can learn to develop the very critical skills necessary to anticipate and stay ahead of all the needs of the Chairman/CEO. You must have strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to effectively manage all levels of communication and personnel from home vendors to fortune 500 CEOs.We are looking for someone who can manage busy, ever-changing business and personal activities while proactively and creatively resolving unexpected challenges. The dynamic nature of this role requires flexibility and the ability to identify and anticipate business and personal needs of the CEO.


In-office 5 days a week


1st : Take the Wonderlic Cognitive Test (12 minutes) + TTI Personality Assessment (20 minutes)

2nd: Zoom or in person interview 

3rd: in-person interview: working session 


  1. Have the chance to learn from a highly successful entrepreneur. For those with a genuine curiosity and a desire to gain invaluable life skills, this role offers a rich environment for personal and professional growth
  2. Be a part of an exciting, team-oriented environment
  3. Join a close-knit, supportive company
  4. Beautiful office with an ocean view
  5. Work alongside very bright, enthusiastic people who are passionate about what they do
  6. Opportunity to interface/interact with high-profile and interesting clients


  1. Be an extension of the CEO; liaise with high-profile clients
  2. Demonstrate superior attention to detail in all areas of responsibility
  3. Provide administrative support including scheduling meetings, managing an active calendar, expense reporting, maintaining records and documents, among other duties.
  4. Conduct thorough research and analysis on varying topics.
  5. scheduling appointments, personal shopping, gift ideation and purchasing, obtaining challenging restaurant reservations, planning and organizing both philanthropic and personal events and parties, managing and coordinating home activities with household staff, and light errands as needed.


  1. Bachelor’s degree required
  2. Exceptional self-starter who naturally takes initiative without direction
  3. Able to anticipate and stay ahead of the needs of the CEO
  4. Strong and emotionally intelligent communicator with the ability to collaborate with outside parties on behalf CEO
  5. Strategic, results-driven, resourceful thinker
  6. Proactively anticipate unexpected challenges and the ability to problem solve
  7. Talent for wearing multiple hats
  8. Tech savvy and highly organized with impeccable attention to detail
  9. Ability to professionally represent the CEO and the company at large
  10. Perform purposeful, systematic day-to-day actions that lead to efficiency and productivity for the CEO


We work alongside our partners to develop meaningful insights, identify key solutions, create new opportunities and execute proven strategies. Collectively, the team has a history of creating significant value and has the know-how to drive accelerated growth.