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Executive Personal Assistant


Job ID: EB-6993012876

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Beverly Hills, CA
Monday – Friday with on-call weekends and evenings. On-call for special events and on an ad hoc basis for travel. Hybrid schedule working from the family’s home 2-3x a week (some weeks more) with errands, personal, business and household tasks needed.
This role requires a proactive individual who is always a few steps ahead and can anticipate the needs of the principal, ensure smooth day-to-day operations, and the ability to navigate a dynamic lifestyle that includes travel, family responsibilities, and business engagements. As the executive assistant, you’ll be responsible for the execution of all tasks to ensure that all of the personal/family and principal’s needs are met.
The ideal candidate has at least 10 years of experience, will maintain flexibility and adaptability to adjust to the ever-evolving needs of the principal, has excellent communication skills, exceptional attention to detail, and the ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality and compassion. Over-communication is a must, and the candidate must be reliable and dependent on their word, over-organized, and always prepared to anticipate the principal’s needs and questions. A hyper-organized individual who thrives in creating structure and operational flow will excel in this role.
This is not a typical 9-5. MUST have weekends /evenings flexible for on-demand on call requests – events, traveling, holidays etc. Family’s busiest time of year is between November and end of year, so it is asked that no vacation is taken during that time. Must be able to work holidays, weekends and nights if and when needed. Travel is required for certain events 7-10 days (possibly more depending on the pageant or needs of the principal).
1st: Video interview with Chief of Staff
2nd: Onsite interview with principal
  • Hybrid schedule
  • Chance to partner closely with team, Principals, and contribute to the success of family’s personal lives and multiple businesses
  • Job stability – this person will be well taken care of, position will never be eliminated
  • Support of additional household staff including nannies, driver, etc.
  • Mentorship, in-depth training, and daily check-ins with COS
Daily Living Support and Advocacy: Provide personal support, including shopping, errands, household management, driving the principal, attending social outings, appointments, and community activities when needed. Establish communication protocols and reminders for key engagements and advocate for the principal’s preferences.
Environment and Routine Management: Establish and maintain a supportive, structured environment, incorporating strategies to accommodate neurodivergent traits such as processing differences, communication deficits, and sensory sensitivities.
Online Presence Support: Assist in social media content creation, linking posts, as well as hanging and steaming clothes, organizing orders, and processing returns while maintaining a live tracking system for efficient management.
Family, Holiday and Tradition Support/Event Planning: Collaborate in organizing family events, school functions, and business gatherings tailored to the principal’s preferences. When directed, handle ordering clothes for the principal’s kids and oversee electronics management, especially before and after travel.
Administrative Duties: Efficiently handle emails, phone calls, and tasks, break down complex assignments into manageable steps to uphold precision and accuracy. Maintain detailed notes on all communications, whether virtual or in-person.
Calendar Ownership and Management: Take charge of scheduling, planning travel arrangements, and coordinating meetings, with real-time updates and comprehensive details.
Household Organization: Supervise household tasks, handle vendor management, and implement processes to address executive function challenges for a well-organized living space. Additionally, provide assistance in maintaining the home office.
Communication Support, Crisis Management, and Planning: Implement communication strategies, establish clear protocols, provide real-time updates, reminders for efficient time management, handle unexpected situations calmly and efficiently, and demonstrate adaptability and problem-solving skills. Plan ahead by regularly providing a week-ahead update for the principal’s review, going through each day together with real-time updates as needed. Maintain daily communication by sending the principal a morning schedule, end-of-day recap, and text and emails, ensuring seamless coordination and support.
Travel Coordination: Research, book accommodations, transportation, and activities for trips, create detailed itineraries and ensure they are added to the calendar, as well as packing and unpacking assistance to ensure comfort and organization.
  • Preferably based in or near Beverly Hills with access to the principal’s home and surrounding area for errands
  • Incredibly resourceful finding a solution for every problem or situation.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, prioritization, multitasking abilities, meticulous attention to detail, and over-organization.
  • Previous experience or a willingness to learn about and accept neurodiversity and the specific needs of adults with autism and ADHD.
  • Must be prepared to adapt and tailor support methods to meet the principal’s unique requirements and have the ability to foster a compassionate and accommodating working relationship that prioritizes the principal’s comfort and success.
  • Ability to handle diverse tasks, precision in all interactions, and a proactive work ethic.
  • Comfortable working a busy environment and remaining grounded at all times and around all individuals.
  • An extremely high level of attention to detail in all tasks and interactions to ensure precision and accuracy.
*As the needs of the principal change, so will the requirements of this job. New requirements and responsibilities will be added or removed at any time to better assist the principal.