Productivity During the Holidays!

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The busy holiday season may have you pulled in all different directions. If you are looking for some tips to stay productive, this article offers tailored ways to keep your mind on track based on your personality. Enjoy!

Proud to Announce New Senior Partner

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Groupe Insearch is pleased to announce that Alexa Gulliford has been named Senior Partner to the Firm. Having joined our team in 2004, Alexa is dedicated to providing world class service to our clients by bringing next-level excellence to their administrative support teams.

Angelica Rains, Founder and CEO states: “Alexa brings a unique blend of background, education and commitment to our Firm, and we are elated to have her manage our team. We are always looking to the future and we are delighted that Alexa is part of our continued evolution.”

Stress Management

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Managing stress isn’t always the easiest thing, especially if you feel like you have 100 things on your plate. Life as a recruiter can feel like a juggling act at times, as can many other careers.
Here at Groupe Insearch we make sure we take time to breath, clear our heads, and care for ourselves when things seem to get a little overwhelming. Our meditation room is our office escape where we can take time to ourselves, partake in meditation workshops, or feel comfortable to kick off our shoes and talk to our coworkers like friends.
What do you do to alleviate stress? Check out the 4 suggestions offered below.