Flexibility and Leadership

By March 22, 2019

Personal Assistant/Estate Manager

SF tech executive seeks a seasoned, quick-thinking, proactive and driven Personal Assistant/Estate Manager in San Francisco. The position consists of two primary components: personal support and estate management. The ideal candidate will thrive in an unpredictable, high-pressured, and unstructured environment. This individual will act as gatekeeper to the principal and organize all aspects of their life. This individual will be a motivated self-starter and possess a “no task is too big or small” attitude. Strong leadership skills are essential, as this individual must onboard, train, and manage the other members of the domestic staff. The candidate must have exceptional time management and task prioritization skills in order to efficiently assist with the running of the residence. Additionally, the individual will have experience and knowledge of home construction management and completion.   

 Attractive Factors:   

  • Work/life balance (9am-5pm and work from home flexibility one day per week)  
  • Fun variety of workload including shopping, events and home remodel 
  • Exposure to exciting global events  
  • Philanthropic projects 
  • Interior design projects 

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Management of household staff and on-site vendor management   
  • Overseeing grounds and exterior of the estate   
  • Managing home projects and construction   
  • Automobile maintenance   
  • Serving as an all-around gatekeeper to the principal   
  • Assisting with calendar planning, scheduling, travel coordination, and meeting logistics   
  • Coordination with principle’s business calendars   
  • Personal shopping, stock procurement, running errands, and concierge work; household inventory   
  • management   
  • Demonstrating a hands-on approach to daily house maintenance   
  • Ensuring the residence is in pristine guest-readiness condition at all times   
  • Providing formal and informal food service   
  • Oversight of all deliveries, renovation projects and general maintenance of the residence; making client aware of any necessary repairs or purchases that are beyond the scope of the household staff   
  • Additional House Manager Responsibilities as requested by the principal