Disrupt. Transform. Inspire.

By October 30, 2019

We are partnering with a highly regarded and successful entrepreneur based in Mill Valley on his Executive Assistant search. Be a true business partner to this incredibly cutting-edge entrepreneur who finds inspiration and motivation by investing in original thinking and original voice to help people find health and hobbies outside of work. His focus is in equality, humanity, and real foundational breakthroughs in science, engineering, design, and art. Does brain science, genomics, and empowerment to disrupt our workaholic culture sound like something you might be interested in?


  • Exposure to CEO’s world and his creative outlook, network, and initiatives. CEO’s work is a hybrid of the world of democracy, capital, and entrepreneurship on one hand, and then his philanthropic and science work in brain health, science, spirituality on the other hand.
  • Amazing workspace that was an old sawmill barn, right on the river surrounded by redwood trees and good vibes all around.
  • Project management and opportunity to work closely with some of the most cutting-edge people in varying industries.
  • CEO is an amazing person to work for and fully supports a work life balance.
  • Full paid benefits.
  • Open to a January start date.


  • Monitor all communications inboxes – email, social media, text, phone – ensuring that all inbound communications from family, founders, LPs, friends, and broader network are properly prioritized, filtered, and followed up on to be scheduled or de-prioritized.
  • Small amount of PA work: Manage CEO’s daily food pattern during the work hours. He is very dedicated to yoga and health, so making sure that he always has the right food and coffee and whatnot at the right times so that his mood and energy levels are maintained while helping artists and founders have creative breakthroughs in his conversations with them is critical – he views it as the way to create the magic.
  • Interacting and communicating with people in the political world daily and doing some campaign work/projects for people CEO works with – they are influencing the entire technology and media strategy for a campaign, along with critical policy thinking around the internet, technology, and mental health.
  • Manage various projects for CEO’s new fund and other initiatives.


  • Real empathy for non-neurotypical brains and enjoys partnering with someone who is highly creative and non-linear in their thinking style, but also understands the downsides that come with that.
  • Loyalty will be to CEO’s world.
  • Project management skills.
  • Ability to design and iterate on processes which improve speed and reduce frustration in CEO’s network and projects.
  • Communicate to everyone CEO is meeting with in a way that builds compassion.
  • CEO is almost always late, although he makes it his intention to be as on time as possible. If you are someone who gets very frustrated by people who are late, this is not the job for you.
  • Extraordinarily good rote memory, and memory for tasks and promises to CEO’s network.
  • CEO serves on the board of the Esalen Institute, so someone who is comfortable in the world of spirituality and magic and not turned off or triggered by spirituality in all of its forms.
  • Open and interested to thinking different and being around original thinking and creativity.